The Changing Role of Product Managers and Brand Managers – Are They Green Enough?

The merchandise Manager and Brand Director functions are incredibly critical to the organization. These are the mini level strategists, the nerve system centers at the product or brand level that can engineer the success and failure of a brand or product series. event management

The product and brand manager terms, though used synonymously, there is a slight difference in them, because the merchandise managers seem to be to become involved in the product strategy much sooner than brand managers. The brand professionals seem to be to get engaged somewhat later and some of the technicalities of the product are made the decision much before they get into picture. This would depend, to a sizable degree, how the organizations look at the data. Not every organizations are willing to share all the data with the product executives or brand managers. Subsequently, they may keep them out before the product is designed or created and the costs are exercised. We can also notice that a product or service management sounds more generic that include many brands while a brand is more specific. But brands too have their lines though not as big as product lines.

Whatever may be the term the product and brand administrator functions have been acknowledged as essential functions of an organization, the key liaisons in an organization linking all the functions and complementing and guiding them to make certain that they remain within the ideal frame work developed centered on industry analysis. Therefore today, such as the early days product managers get involved in the market research, identifying market needs and segments, developing valuable product specifications, keeping quality, cost and profit in mind, develop a setting and communication strategy, teach the sales team and follow-up on the release process until the product gets stable in the market place. This is a frightening task the product managers managed. To be effective in complex products, the product operators needed to have technological back grounds too.

A few thought that the Merchandise Manager will fade away as time evolves, but as time transferred, the marketing function got more and more competitive anticipated to increasing number and diversity of the products, the more aware intricate manager and the highly aggressive opponents in the market. No sector is an exception to it. It is precisely for that reason trend the product administrator; brand manager functions now became relevant even in service sectors like consumer banking and finance, tourism and many more.

Product and Brand manager positions may be relevant even today, but they have the organizations thought above the significance of their job points? There appears to be a lacuna in organizations coping plan the new challenges in the environment. It appears that even at the corporate level, organizations are still grappling with the idea of sustainability and seem to be to prefer to are in the hope that “sustainability” is a fad, a growing notion that will fade away as something new comes up. Looking at the matter purely from corporate earnings perspective, a priority for the share holder, anything at all that requires huge investment and risky track will need some deep thinking before a change is created.

The basic questions are -will sustainability disappear, is it a fad that will be run over by another mighty one and can organizations manage to await? Growing evidence seems to indicate that it would not be possible. Increasing pressure from countries on carbon rating, biodegradability, recycling and environmental mind it appears that it would be difficult to whisk them away. The environmental lobbies are better now, and the consumer is willing to become them. The consumer may be compromising with environmentally insensitive brands and organizations, but deep in his brain there is also a preference for more “safe product”. There could be a day when the labeling products with environmental safety index would be a statutory necessity and precautions might seem in the advertisements and labels as subscripts.

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