Medical Importance Of Milk

The particular Milk worth taking about? And how is it medically important to the Human health? Well! Intended for the start, it is obviously a food material of special importance. It is almost complete, a great food and has almost all of the proximate principles of a well balanced diet necessary for human body. It is thus the closest way to perfect food. That forms the only diet for youngsters to the era of a year possibly even. It is the best source of Calcium in diet both on accounts of quality and the valuable biological value to the body. Milk is made up of the following proximate concepts: hemp milk for newborns

1. Carbohydrates. The carbs in all Milks is lactose or Milk glucose (4-5%). Human Milk is made up of more Lactose than cow’s Milk. 

2. Fats. Fat contain 3. 5% to 4% of fats in emulsified form. Milk body fat is a good source of Vitamins A and D when Milk is allowed to indicate sometimes, fat rises to the surface as cream, Chemically, milk fat contains some essential fatty acids.

3. Vitamins. It also includes all the vitamins besides Vitamin E. In summer time, cows prey on grass, produce Milk containing large quantities of vitamins B, C and D. In winter, amount of Vitamins A and D in Dairy is much reduced.

4. Mineral salts. Phosphates and chlorides of Calcium, potassium and sodium are all constituents of Milk. That is very poor in Iron.

The average structure of Milk from various sources is as comes after;

Cow Milk contains 3. 2% of proteins; 4. 4% of Lactose, 4. 1% of Fats; and 87. 5% of normal water.
Goat Milk contains 3. 5% of Protein, 4. 6% of Lactose, 4. 5% of Fats and 86. 5% of normal water.
Human milk contains you. 1% of protein; six. 4% of Lactose; 3. 4% of Fats and 88. 0% of normal water.

Milk borne diseases

The Important Milk borne diseases are;

– Directly from the milked animal; Tuberculosis, Brucellosis, streptococcus infection, Fanghiglia fever and Anthrax.
– Indirectly from a persons handler or environment; Typhoid and para-typhoid fevers, cholera, Fatigue, Diphtheria and Viral Hepatitis.

Therefore, Milk must be well pasteurized to be able to consider it fit for consumption. Everything discussed about Milk here is centered on pasteurized Milk and if you are not too sure about the Milk you are taking, please to do not take it.


That is prepared by allowing the Milk to stand for a substantial time in the cold so that butter fat may surge to the top and then removing the top layer. The fat or cream may be stands between from Milk mechanically by using a centrifuge machine known as cream may contain about 50% fats. Besides Milk fat, cream contains proteins and lactose also.

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