Is The Link Between Fish Oil and Cancer Genuine?

While a huge advocate of seafood and fish oils I had been surprised to see a research study all around the press recently saying – that omega 3 essential fatty acids (such the oil seen in fish) can cause prostate cancers in men. KRILL OIL

Personally i think the need to respond and get rid of any confusion.

Today we will look a little closer with this research as well as offering you an overview of the subject of seafood oils. 

The Study in Question

The analysis was carried away at a cancer research center in Seattle.

The study tested 834 men diagnosed with prostate malignancy and aimed to determine if there was a romantic relationship between cancer and omega watches 3 intake.

The research found that subjects with high degrees of omega 3 fatty acids in their blood, had a 43% increased risk of prostatic cancer overall and a 71% increased risk for aggressive prostate cancer. The study also shows that eating high levels of linoleic acid (omega six fatty acids) were associated with a lower risk.

(Both these claims are a complete opposite of what my views as a nutritionist are, I actually recommend my clients eat plenty of fish (omega 3) or take a fish oil supplements and not eat too much vegetable oils (omega 6). )

Blood samples from the boys who acquired developed prostate cancer during the trial had more omega 3 fats than patients who didn’t develop prostate cancer.

This really increases the confusion. (I would admit its the aim of the federal government and several research – to cast doubt in your mind, to a person mixed up, have you ever discovered how confusing health and fitness can be, people saying the whole opposite of the other person constantly, like this article! )

I acknowledge it can be hard to really know what to do for the best.

Research not the be all and end all, it will prove or disprove basically anything.

What I would suggest though is not to have a knees jerk reaction each and every time a new piece of clinical “evidence” is published. Reading, watch and listen to all sides of the topic and scratch under the surface, also getting a credible view from someone you trust, then make your decision.

One other study I read found that the diet high in omega 3s can actually REDUCE the risk of getting prostate cancer.

Thus returning to the research from Seattle, let’s look into its validity.

This did not look into people taking fish petrol supplements it was just an overview of tissot 3 fatty acid levels in the blood, so we are struggling to identify if fish oil supplements were the exact cause.

A person called Dr Briffa also published an article on this subject after seeing the results of the study.

As you know I am not a doctor so We can only do so much in an look at to question the results of this comprehensive research, so it is good a man like Medical professional Briffa, who seems to promote and preach similar advice to myself acquired something to talk about on the subject.

He explained that the study was epidemiological in nature, which means that it only says us about the marriage between two rather than a very important factor (omega 3s) triggers something else (prostate cancer).

Doctor Mark Hyman, analysed this similar study and this individual said:

What we can make certain of is that association does not demonstrate cause and effect. If perhaps this had been an intervention design study, where half the participants acquired fish oil supplements and half didn’t and in addition they were adopted for two decades to see if they got prostatic cancer, then you can say pretty definitively that they are connected. Important thing, this type of analysis will not prove cause and effect. If I do a study on dawn and humans getting up, I actually would find 100 percent correlation, but that does not mean that the sunlight emerged up because you woke up. Correlation, yes; causing, no.

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