How to Use Facebook to Build Your Customer Base

A 30-second Super Bowl commercial cost $3 million; not exactly chump change. Issued, that 30-second ad acquired the potential to reach an expected 110 , 000, 000 viewers worldwide; but what is interesting is the fact, this year, Top Bowl advertisers were not as focused on instant marketing impact of their advertisings as they were on with them as teasers to draw visitors into interactive Facebook and Twitter conversations. buy vote

The strength of sociable media to hook up with consumers, drive brand reputation and build customer basic is changing the way businesses hook up with consumers. Social media marketing capitalizes on the same type of good will and loyalty that folks afford their friends to convert everyday site visitors into product consumers. Using special marketing promotions, contests, surveys, games, videos, polls and wall dialogs on their Facebook site, businesses develop a friendly, accessible, interactive relationship with potential customers. Essentially, Facebook or myspace humanizes your business, modifying it from an unnamed, corporate “it” into “one of the guys, very well someone consumers can trust and count on and want to work with.

While everyday as this business-consumer relationship may seem, it is crucial to differentiate between your own Facebook page and an enterprise Facebook page, also called admirer page. Your business fan page should concentrate exclusively on your products and brand. Because Facebook or myspace requires accounts to be tied to a personal email, it’s smart to open a separate email account for this goal in order to keep business and personal lives separate. Access configurations on your Facebook business page must also be modified to prevent usage of any personal information.

The Doritos “Crash the Super Bowl” promotion is an outstanding form of how interactive Facebook . com promotions build brand reputation and excitement. Doritos was a fading brand in 2007 in order to first asked consumers to produce their own Doritos commercials, then allowed Facebook fans to have your vote for their favorites, and aired the top vote-getter during the Super Dish. After that, the gross annual promo has drawn thousands of entries (5000 this year), driven thousands and thousands of enthusiasts to Doritos’ Facebook enthusiast page, made months of positive brand buzz, and made Doritos the best selling tortilla chip in the U. S.

Savvy companies know that to sell a product or service you have to take your pitch to the consumer. Today, this means social media, and Facebook or myspace is where the action is. Facebook boasts five-hundred million active users, 50 percent of whom log on Facebook daily. The average American Facebook user uses about 15 minutes every day on Facebook, more than double the amount of time invested in all other web programs. Advertising your product where it can get that kind of attention at zero cost -Facebook is free — is a marketing advantage you can’t afford to ignore. The real beauty of social internet marketing, however, is that each consumer contact has the potential to explode exponentially as enthusiasts share “liked” sites with their friends. According to Facebook, the typical Facebook end user has 130 friends. In the event that just one visitor to your Facebook page stocks a link to your site along with his friends, traffic to your site can mushroom quickly.

A person be a corporate behemoth that will put social media to improve your business. Facebook is suitable for small business owners. It’s free, business web pages are easy to build and there are hundreds of optional applications available to handle Facebook’s more complex features. Social press has the strength to take your business to a whole new level and it won’t cost a cent. If your business isn’t on Facebook . com yet, so what are you waiting for?

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