High Fructose Corn Syrup Causes Weight Gain

Relating to Dr. Joseph Mercola, more than 50% of today’s American population utilizes over half a pound of sugar every day. That’s about 180 pounds of sugar ingested in a year! Certainly it can not taken by the spoonful, but it’s scored at prepared foods as a flavor additive. Processed soups, condiments, soft refreshments, you name it and it you can guess it has added sweets. Even baby formula has sugar in it! Not any wonder kids have such an craving to sweet foods. weight gain vitamin syrup


There are plenty of varieties of sugars, and knowing the difference between them isn’t particularly critical to slimming down. What you must know, however, is the sugars you comes from packaged and processed foods differs greatly from the sugars you get obviously from fruits and fresh vegetables. Sweeteners take many varieties and names, such as Sucrose (white sugar), Dextrose, High Fructose Corn Thick syrup, Sucralose (Splenda), and many others. Not all of these sweeteners are chemically sugar, plus some of them have no place in your daily diet at all. That pays to know the between an artificial sweetener and a real sweets, nevertheless for the purpose of this article we’re only going to discuss one of them: Hfcs syrup15144.

What is High Fructose Corn Syrup?

High Fructose Corn Syrup, or HFCS for short comprises of two carbohydrates: fructose and carbs and glucose. Fructose is the nicest simple sugar of all of them, and is naturally found in fruits and vegetables, vegetables, and honey. Carbs and glucose is another simple sweets crucial in human metabolism, and is found in our bloodstream where it can referred to as bloodstream sugar.

Hfcs syrup15144 is comprised of 55% fructose, and 45% glucose. Should you read food labels, you might have become aware that HFCS is within a lot of your foods. It’s frequent in soda, snacks, and a myriad of canned and jarred foods that aren’t immediately evident to the average consumer. Fructose by itself actually disables your own body’s ability to control your appetite and will allow you to eat much more than is necessary. Eating HFCS is more serious than eating fat itself!

Focusing on Natural Food

Fructose does exist in fruits, and even some vegetables. However, these natural plant foods also contain several vitamins and mineral deposits that effectively disable the harmful effects of the fructose they contain. When you aren’t eating processed and ready foods, you’re often getting the desired taste but completely missing the nutritional vitamins and minerals of your food. To truly take care of your weight, you must see the foods that damage your system, and the foods that nourish and heal you. Generally, if you suspect a food is unhealthy for you, you’re right. Inspect your labels, or much better, try eating foods that no longer come packaged and prepared for a couple of weeks and note the difference in your weight and overall health.

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