A Fiberglass Pool – Important Facts to Consider

Before you purchase any type of pool, be sure to understand both the advantages and disadvantages of such a pool. In previous articles here I have talked about why you would want to purchase a fiberglass pool. In this article, I would like to present the other side of the argument–why you may not want to purchase fiberglass pools, and the issues that you need to consider before you make this decision. 

Fiberglass swimming pools potentially have the following issues that you must consider before installation:

1) They do not have the same customization options as other pools (such as gunite or shotcrete pools)
2) The upfront cost of the pool is usually more
3) There are issues with emptying the pool completely

First, let’s look at the customization issues. Because pools made from fiberglass are manufactured at the factory then delivered to your door you may not be able to have any type of shaped pool that you would want. Obviously this is not an issue if you are looking for a more standardized pool (square, round, etc.) shape, but if you want something that looks like an oasis and fills the very unique shape of your yard, then you are probably out of luck unless you can find a manufacturer who will build you a completely custom job. fiberglass pools

Second, the upfront costs of a fiberglass swimming pool is generally more than a concrete-type pool. Yes, this may be counter-intuitive given the fact that it takes so much less time to install this type of pool, but that is the case. However, just because the upfront costs are more does not mean that over the life of the pool it won’t be cheaper–fiberglass pools do help you save money on repair and chemical costs.

Finally, you may not be able to completely empty your swimming pool, making it somewhat more difficult to winterize and to clean or ‘dump’ your water and start over again. This is especially true in areas where ground water levels are near or higher than your current pool level. Be sure to talk to your local pool specialist to make sure if this is your case.

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