2006 Giant Anthem 2 Mountain Bike Review

Near the finish of summer 2008 I purchased an utilized bike. The bicycle I pick was a 2006 Giant Anthem 2 and I rode it as regularly as I could before it began to snow. Since spring is coming I figured it would be a decent time to survey the Giant Anthem 2 for anybody out there that may be in the market for a great utilized trail blazing bicycle. gogoro 2 pink

Presently for a little foundation on why I was in the market for another bicycle. In the wake of riding my shoddy, substantial hard tail trail blazing bicycle with my companions I understood I needed to show signs of improvement bicycle just to stay aware of them. I likewise had plans on going mountain biking however would not like to utilize the old bicycle since I was worried about breaking a portion of the shabby segments on the bicycle. 

I had been watching out for Craigslist (look at my post on Buying an utilized bicycle on Craigslist) for a superior Mountain bicycle and one day I saw somebody was moving their 2006 Giant Anthem 2. Before I even called the vender I did some exploration. Both on the web and at the nearby bicycle shops. In 2006 the Anthem 2 Mountain Bike was the second from the highest point of the line Mountain Bike for Giant and in 2009 the Anthem Frame is as yet utilized as Giant’s first class Mountain Bike. The bicycle was in flawless condition and appeared as though it had scarcely been utilized. In 2006 the MSRP was around $2,300 in light of the bicycles top of the line segments. Furthermore, that is additionally why it is such a great amount of lighter than my other bicycle and it loads around 26 pounds (which is really light for a Mountain bicycle). This bicycle is lighter than a significant number of my companion’s hard tails. I get it’s actual – you get what you pay for.

The main thing I have changed on the bicycle is the seat. The bicycle accompanied a shoddy combine of pedals (higher end bikes normally don’t accompany pedals) so I included a couple of clipless pedals. I additionally put on a Specialized Elite Cycling PC on. Furthermore, when the sun goes down I join lights so I can see where I’m going and other individuals can see me.

I need to reveal to you I completely love this bicycle and I have been extremely satisfied with this bicycle with the bicycles execution. I would likewise exceedingly prescribe this bicycle to any individual who is not kidding about mountain biking. The bicycle is light and performs exceptionally well on cleared trails and go romping off-road bicycle trails. Furthermore, the suspension drenches up the knocks amazingly well and the suspension is flexible both front and back and they even have lockouts.

The edge on this bicycle is aluminum, not carbon fiber. It doesn’t appear to influence the execution of this bicycle yet I have never ridden a carbon fiber trail blazing bicycle. I should likewise tell you I am not an expert Mountain Biker so I don’t have whatever else to contrast this bicycle with other than my shabby hard tail. However, I have been biking genuinely since 2007 so I’m not an amateur. I don’t feel that the aluminum outline is a downside for this bicycle however I figured it ought to be called attention to simply on the off chance that you have your heart set on a carbon fiber bicycle.

I plan on utilizing this bicycle for no less than one trail blazing bicycle race this mid year. Furthermore there are numerous off-road bicycle trails in my general vicinity so return for more reports on this bicycle and the off-road bicycle trails in the Twin Cities zone.

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